Scary Movie Love Hate Relationship

So don't read this if you plan on watching the movie Mama!
Total spoilers coming up!

So ever since I could remember I have always liked, maybe even loved scary movies!
My mom let us watch whatever we wanted growing up with the caution of if we got scared no more after that cause we were not sleeping in her bed!

Well then I met the hubs {BTW did you know that lots of bloggers and anti bloggers hate that term for husbands, but can I help that I am just that awesome?!} and he is a total SCARY MOVIE JUNKIE!

I am talking we watched Silent Hill back in the day and he had a dream where he woke up in the middle of it and told me "there are people in the pipes!" and scared the shiznit out of me!

So anywho over our almost 9 years together we have watched a ton of scary movies: all the resident evils, silent hill, ring, cabin in the woods, orphan, the exorcism of emily rose, the last exorcism, cloverfield, those damn hostel movies... well the list could go on and on!

I have realized recently I have a love/hate relationship with scary movies and here is why:

I love scary movies because....
-it is fun to be scared
-it is great to find out what happened to the bad/scary character that made it do it's thing
-i get to cuddle with the hubs later
-the shock factor is always fun
-most of it is so unrealistic that my scaredy cat self relaxes after a while

I hate scary movies because....
-they are so freaking twisted most of the time
-you have to wait through all the scary stuff to find out the point!
-shit jumps out at you!
-blood and gore
-I am a chicken shit
-the most horrific scary twisted characters are created!!

The whole point of this post is to tell you why I thought of this!

Last night I went to see Mama with my hubs and our couple friend.

Holy crap!

Warning again SPOILERS!

That was one mean spirited bitch!
Just cause she was bat shit and didn't get her own kid she stole someone else's!!
Then they let that poor little girl go!
Granted she was a whine ass but still!
Oh and don't get me started on the creepy backwards - bent over- crawl - walk thing she did!

 photo images_zps473bf61d.jpeg

FYI that "she" that plays Mama is actually this dude!

True story -- google that shit!

So all in the all it was twisted and seriously totally worth watching!
The last 10 minutes angered me
The special effects were awesome and you will never look at moths the same way again!

How was your weekend?
Do share your opinions on scary movies, I would love to see if I am alone!
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We love scary movies too!! We totally want to see Mama!
Kassi Mortensen said…
I am not a scary movie fan... My husband loves them and tries from time to time to get me to watch them with him... Non doing! haha.
~Kassi @ Truly Lovely

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