My Doog {dog}

So IDK how much I shared with you regarding my fur baby...

Well my fur baby is a Basenji

What is a Basenji you ask...

Well let me tell you...

 He will kill that bone {made for a dog 4x his size!} in a matter of days!

 He's beyond curious!
If that lid stays on and the trash can stays upright well... it has been a good night!

He will proceed to eat the acorn off of that costume before next halloween... when we didn't even know he had the costume... yeah he's got skill!

He will eyeball anything that seems bright and shiny and then run to it and try to take it from you!
He does not share well, little shit!
A sleeping basenji is the safest basenji!
Did we mention he is curious?
And must be tethered or one of two things will happen... he will jump out the window or into my lap!  While I am driving!
He has a beautiful smile no?

He will run amuck! 
Oh and that poop-shoot it is always on display!
That tail is always curled unless the mighty beast senses danger in which case the tail comes down and he runs behind mommy!

A basenji is a 30 pound lap dog that is more cat than dog!

He will be up your butt whenever you are awake

He will sleep curled up behind your knees or into your tummy or claw you in your sleep!

Tissues are his favorite snack!

When you leave him for too long don't forget the amitriptyline! He will need it and you may too!

Expect to find presents when he is pissed at you regardless of the fact that he is potty trained!

Oh that snow concept yeah he is fine with that... until it melts!

Dog hates water -- did I mention he is more cat than dog!

Yeah that's my Basenji Baby!!

I could tell you a million stories about this crazy dog!!

Maybe one day I will

What is your dog like?
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Angie said…
He is cute!

My dogs are under the impression that they are furry humans.

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