If men were crafters...

So this past weekend hubs and I and our couple friend went out to see a movie and get some dinner.

Like the awesome blogger I am I did not take one single photo from that adventure lol

Ehhh I guess that is how you know you were having fun!

Well first we went and saw Mama then we went to Gordon Biersch and had a few drinks and ate some delicious food.

Well while we were there my girlie Cait showed me an adorable DIY craft she did {yarn wrapped L-O-V-E letters} and that got our husbands started on a rampage about DIY and crafts all over the house!

They proceeded to tell us what they were going to do so that we could feel their "suffering" and this is the list I came up with from that conversation LOL hope you enjoy!

So if men crafted -- there would be balls everywhere!  We are talking footBALLS, basketBALLS, maybe even BALLS who the hell knows!

If men crafted -- there would be NO words, NO word signs, NO quotes, NO sayings

If men crafted -- there would be statues in living rooms of a half nakey woman transforming into a Transformer

If men crafted -- there would be NO yarn ANYWHERE!

If men crafted -- the only pictures on the walls would be of nakey females probably not their wives either lol

If men crafted -- we might have an idea of what they go through with us HAHA

If men crafted -- my butt would be running from the country!

What do you think would happen if men crafted?
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