Holy Crapoly -- Sponsorship for YOU!

I made it to 109 GFC followers!!

Ahhh I remember when I started this blog I never thought I would break 10 GFC followers, then I broke 50 and now 100!

Does that define me and this little bloggy?

No but it sure makes me smile, be honest it would you too!

Oh and I am at almost 200 likes on FB!

Such cool things!

I never even imagined I would get here!

And there is so much more in store for me and this blog!

So as promised way back when... I want to offer sponsorship!

Here's the deal I know how hard it is to gain followers and pay for sponsors and get yourself out there... so if you want your button on my side bar just tell me!

I will take as many people as I can fit and I think will get love still!!

You get to make it what you want!

If you just want your button there -- great!

If you want to borrow my blog for a day -- great!

If you want to do a giveaway -- great!

If you want all of the above plus FB, Twitter and Instagram love -- done!

It is YOUR sponsorship!

So email me at meesh315@gmail.com and put sponsorship in the subject line!

Hope to hear from ya'll soon!

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Marie Annette said…
Lets swap buttons! :)

you can also do a guest post on my blog :)

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