Eww on no she didn't!

Insert head swivel and snapping fingers!

Alright so this is a total gross out post, you have been warned!

So I have had stomach issues for a few years now but normally don't share cause well who really wants to hear it lol

Well today's story is a bit different

A few weeks into the fall I started feeling like crap-ola so it warranted a trip to my docs

 4 vials of blood work later we had an answer! -- celiac disease!

K I wasn't happy but hey at least we got an answer right?

This warranted a trip to a gastroenterologist  yay!

Well they tell me sorry no celiacs in fact we have no freaking clue -- more testing!

I will spare you those details use your imagination -- Saran wrap, potties and sample cups that is all I'm gonna say! Oh and more blood vials

Well those results all come NEGATIVE!

Alright one appointment to go January 2nd 2013 -- a day that will forever be ebbed in my mind!

I was going in for a breath test -- so no brushing teeth, drink glucose orange nastiness shiznit and lactose stuff!

Nurse -- how you doing?
Me-- good
20 minutes later
Nurse-- how you doing?
Me-- alright kinda nauseous
5 minutes
Me- I'm gonna be sick!
Wait, wait I'm okay I choked down the feeling
10 minutes
Me- oh shit I'm gonna be sick, 4 steps to the garbage can...
Nope never made it there!

I proceeded to vom as my sister says all over myself INSIDE MY SWEATER SLEEVE and the floor!

Nurse shows up as I'm freaking out and just finished cleaning up

Nurse-- how are we doing?
Me-- I just puked on myself
Nurse-- k let's get another breath example

Me in my head "are you freaking shitting me?!"

Nurse-- here's a script for some hard core antibiotic cause you tested positive for a bacterial overgrowth!

Me-- so I'm not just a freak of nature?

Nurse-- nope that's exactly what we were looking for, a reaction!

Me-- in my head I hate you all! It is 10 degrees outside! I can't wear my sweater cause I puked in the sleeve and I haven't brushed my teeth today!  Oh and you people didn't warn me?

Yeah -- still no answer, I have to go back today and I just shared a day in the life of Meesh!

Anyone else ever have a horrendous trip to the docs?

Please make me feel better about this awkward ass story I just shared lol

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