Christmas Re-Cap


Well I had one of the most amazing Christmases in many many a years!
It was one of those very special and beautiful holidays where I got to spend the holiday with family!
Now anyone that knows me knows I am a total family whore!
I love nothing more than spending a lazy day with my family and that is exactly what Christmas 2012 was!

1st I got trapped by our 1st winter storm in the North Country of NY {google that some time it will give you a glimpse into my families home!}

Well finally I got home on Sunday morning and boy was it worth it!!


It has been many a year since our tree has looked like this!  Our "baby" is 21 years old so Christmas took on a different feel over these last few years --> you know the one -- about family, togetherness, love, time, etc. AKA we ain't buying grown ass people tons of stuff!!  LOL but with the kids it was so much fun seriously I loved it!! 
Spent time with 3 of my favorite midgets well 4 if you include the 21 year old up in the right hand corner holding our cousin's kid's kid!  {yeah anyone who guesses what relation that is to me gets a prize!}
Yeah we dress up our dog like he's a human... that ain't kosher where you is from?  ehhh I am okay with it!  And yes we start our techny addiction early around these parts!! {that sounds wrong doesn't it?}
I swear I am not picture obsessed... Yeah I lied!!  I always tell the rentals "One day you will be old and crazy these pictures are how I will remember you!"  They proceed to curse me in either Spanish or Italian {depending on the parent} and smile :)


Each kid got a new pair of shoes -- Jordan sandals for one, knee high flat boots for another and these crazy high top {to the knee I mean} converse things for the 3rd lol


Sucker Punch in the House!!  Yeah this is definitely my niece!!  Who else on earth would like such a sucky movie lol


What you don't throw up gang signs with your dad the day after Christmas with photographic evidence? Huh... thought we were totally with it on this one!  Ehhh better luck next time!


Obvs this was a nec. pic... I mean what screams Christmas with family better than a creepy red eyed doll held by your 21 year old sister!  Nothing that is what!!


This is my one normal relative... Peanut.... Peanut meet the blog world!  Blog world meet Peanut!  And the only reason she is normal is cause she is too young to show her true colors yet!!  You just wait Blog World! :)

Okay enough photos... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!  Hope you enjoyed a Tour De Meesh Christmas!!

-Meesh :) 


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