Baby showers...Family Style

So if you read this post you know I helped my cousin throw a baby shower for her daughter which is my 2nd cousin{?}

So what does that entail you ask and I am so glad you did!

Well... it entails spending the entire time squacking with your mother, sister, Sandy Gayle, aunt and cousin you don't see often and not taking one single photo of the momma to be!

I know so bad right?

Well they were at the other end in my defense! lol

So here are just a few of my fav pics from that day for ya'll!!

 Sandy Gayle {also known as Papache or my sister in law lol}, momma and me!
 Poo, momma and me <3
Cousin Rosanna, Papache and me!

It was a fun day, momma and baby got some great stuff!!

P.S. this is a pic of said baby who baby shower was for! :)

-Meesh :)


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