Tuesday Ten {If I won the lottery!!}

Oh boy!!  If I won the lottery... man I would go wild!!!  But only after going through this list first!!  See after watching all of those "The lottery ruined my life" type of shows I promised myself and the fam {cause I am going to win the lottery one day... we will ignore the fact that I rarely if ever play, details shmetails!} that I would not lose myself and would take care of the "biggies" first!!  So here it goes...



1.  I would not collect the money right away and when I did it would be through someone who handles the money... that way I don't find myself deciding to purchase a 6 million dollar house "cause, well I have it!"  I figure this would force me to think and plan rather than act impulsively {at least that's what the articles on "how to win the lottery right" say!!} <-- me a follower?! Never! ;)
2.  Once I was sane enough to collect that money, I would higher a lawyer or whatever I would need to make sure I knew of every single speck of money I could potentially owe anyone!!  That way a. I make sure to pay it all off!! and b. that way nobody can come and try and "sue" me or anything ridiculous like that! 
3.  Pay off mine and the hubs student loss!!  Hate those things! 
4. Pay off any left over crap at that point of mine and the hubs!
5.  Now starts the fun!!  Pay off all the families stuff!
6.  Put away enough money for the parents to retire {that would be 5 people!  Hey gotta include my fabulous in-laws!}
7.  Put away enough money for the nieces and nephew to go to college without ever having to worry!!  Oh and the Poo and John too! ;)
8.  Make sure my family {siblings <-- yeah sisters in law and brothers in law ya'll count too ;)} are all taken care of for life!!
9.  Sit on that money and really think through the next steps!!

10.  HAVE SOME FUN!!!  Eventually quit my job, start my own business, travel, spend time with my family!!, help out those who are less fortunate, buy enough land so all of the fam {parents and siblings!!} could all be together, get me a vroom-vroom car, buy my dad his tractor, buy my mom her paintings, bring my dad to Italy, visit Poland with the hubs, go to DISNEYWORLD with my family and so much more!!

Okay this post has taught me something... I have spent WAAAYYY too much time thinking of how I would spend the lottery yet I don't play!!  Yeah guess that is how I roll!  What would you do? 


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