Tuesday 10 {Birthday Theme!}

WooHoo another week of Tuesday Ten!!
Yay for new friends!!
And now on to today's post...
Thanks as always to Lena for hosting this!!
I love Tuesday Tens!!
This week let's all make sure to tell Lena HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
And go check out this awesome giveaway she is hosting for YA'LL on HER BIRTHDAY!!

So my version of a Birthday Themed Tuesday Ten goes like this...

1.  All of my childhood birthdays - back in the day {when I was a youngin'} we were allowed to bring treats and goodies to school on our birthday!!  Now I had a June birthday and grew up in the south so I never go tto do this :( but totally capitalized on everyone else's bdays haha -- then there was the whole family birthday party thing which is how we rolled in our house and to do this day that is how we celebrate!!  I do remember a unicorn themed bday at one point that I loved!! 

2.  My baby sister's bdays!!  She has a bday near halloween so as she got older we totally used that to our advantage!!  I remember my mom telling us how when she was given Poo's due date the doctors promised they could induce her or not let her out on Halloween lol guess that freaks out some people haha -- P.S. my mom laughed at the doctor 

3. My 18th birthday - like I said above I am a June baby so my birth stone is a pearl and I love them!!  So for my 18th birthday my momma gave me my birthstone jewelry set!  Love it and have it to this day!

4.  My 19th birthday - I got Pedro!  This was my first car I got 2 weeks before my 19th birthday!  Fun Fact: I got my license 1 day prior to my 19th birthday!

5.  My 21st birthday - you see this is a bit of an ironic one cause it was my 21st birthday - we went out downtown and acted a fool!!  So much fun!  Then wifey and I decided we needed canollis so off we headed...well the person 2 cars in front of us decided last minute he needed to turn left against traffic... so that caused the dude in front of me to slam on his brakes... and my to slam on mine... and the lady behind me to HIT ME!!  Now you are probably wondering why this is on the list well it is totally memorable!!  It also happened to be Father's Day lol.  I will never forget how freaked out I was!!  OMG! I made my dad drive 2 hours to come get me lol - good times good times

6.  Then there was my 24th birthday -- this crazy group below got together when the hubs was in Poland and surprised me with a GROUP DINNER, CAKE AND PRESENTS!! The best part for me was the surprise!!  I have always wanted a surprise party and they did it for me!  The hubs also hid my present in the closet of our apartment and set the alarm on our computer so that I would see it the day of my birthday!

7.  BIRTHDAY CAKE AND CUPCAKES!! My favorite you ask?  Strawberry with cream cheese frosting and RED VELVET WITH CREAM CHESSE FROSTING!! There was this one time {my second bday when dating the hubs} that hubs made me a homemade strawberry cake with cream cheese frosting!!  It was probably one of my favorites ever <3

8. This little girl and her sister's birthdays!!  <3 my babies

9.  My furbaby's bdays!!  He gets a new bone or toy for that day!!  And I forced him to wear a hat hahah

10.  Presents!!  Here is a pic of this year's present!!

What is your favorite birthday memory?  I would love to hear about it!!
-Meesh :)


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