Thankful Sunday {Week 2}

Well as you saw last week I had a few things to be thankful for!!
This week will be a bit different...
This week I am going to share stories of love, the restoration of faith in humanity, goodness and God's work here on earth {in my opinion!}

1. This is a picture of my co-workers car {his arm is in the pic!}
he decided on his own accord to head down to NJ to Monmouth County so he put out an email to all of us at work asking for donations... this picture was 2 days later and his car was half full.  I watched him packing the rest of it up on Friday and the trunk was filled, the front seat was filled as were the back seats!!  The car was so full he could not see out his windows {not bragging since it is a hazard but bragging cause we are that awesome!} and he was squishing more in!!

It was just so nice to see someone care about others without getting anything out of it {besides doing a good deed!}  My co workers came together in such a way, I was proud!!

2.  This beautiful story of a young woman who is 19 and is taking on the responsibility of taking care of her 3 younger siblings.  She opted to not return to school and be there for her family.  Ask yourself real quick how many 19 year olds do you know that would stop their lives for those of their younger siblings?  How many 19 year olds do you know would tell others we have been helped enough, please help others now?  It is truly a beautiful thing!!

3. This chickadees blog!!  Most of you have heard of Ashely and the wonderful things she does!  Here is a great example of someone who volunteers her time and effort to help those who don't have what others do!  It is so nice to see someone who genuinely cares!!

4.  I found this story a while back and thought what are the odds?!  What are the odds that someone is truly kind enough to help someone else?  What are the odds that someone was willing to help someone that they did not know at all?  What are the odds it would happen TWICE?!  Truly makes you feel better about humanity right?

5.  I am sure you saw this picture floating around about a man and his dog!  OMG this story had me in tears!!  How on earth does a HUMAN find the compassion to care about an ANIMAL as much as another person?  Well thank God for this man!!  I truly love this story!

So these 5 stories helped me remember that there are beautiful, kind, loving people in this world still!!  I hope these stories make you feel a bit better today too!!

What are some great stories you have heard lately?



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