F.M.H Round 3

So here we are at round 3 {check out 1 & 2}
Let's see what kinds of doozies I got for ya!
Starting off where we left off...
Yeah that made total sense!

FMH #11:  There may or may not have been this one time that I asked my husband if you could fast forward through live TV... and I was being totally serious!  As soon as it was out of my mouth I knew what I had done...

FMH #12: There was also the time that I was eating dinner with my famdamily and someone wasn't eating their food {it may or may not have been me}, so world savvy me decided to inform them that if we were in India it wouldn't matter anyways because CHICKEN IS SACRED THERE!!  2 problems - 1 we were eating beef and 2 chicken is not sacred there.

FMH #13: Trying to say Deer Tick and it coming out Teer Dick - a few margaritas can do that to you!! Oh and best part - the lovely Canadian bartender that was there to witness the entire thing!

FMH #14: The lack of filter between my thoughts and mouth... you know I spend my days with my food perpetually inserted in mouth!!

Alright we are light this time around, but don't fret I will have more I am sure!!

Any FMH's out there?

Meesh :)


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