Family Visit Part 2

So as I said in this post... I have a special treat for you today!!
Our version of the family photo!
And yeah we are hill-billy-rednecks... whats it to ya! ;) 

 "Hurry up Aunt Chelle!"
And yes you are seeing this correctly, there are pitchforks, shovels, busted up trucks etc. ;)

 "Here Papa Nick!" <-- yeah class all the way right here!!

 What your family photos don't look like this?!
Whatevs...we just assumed everyone posed with pitchforks, rakes and super special faces!!

 See we can be normal... kinda... ignore the small one on the end... she's just channeling her inner disgust of us crazies - NO BIGGIE! 

What do your famdamily pics look like?
Betcha they aren't this sweet? ;)

-Meesh :)


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