Baby Shower {for my cousin! and some crafts!}

So way back when... I helped to coordinate a baby shower for my cousin {my second one helping with this year :)}
Back in August...
And then I decided to finally blog about it ummm 2 months later lol...
FYI her kid is a month old lol...
None the less here you go!!

Banner I made {Oh Baby Love cause the mamas last name was Love!} -- pretty easy, cut out triangles from brown paper {I used my Silhouette}, added the white circles I used a punch to cut, the letters were also cut out on the Silhouette using glitter paper {HINT: mirror your image and cut the glitter paper on the back, works better and preserves your blades longer!}, used tombo to attach everything and used stickers from a gift I made her to embellish.  Punch holes in the triangles and string on your choice of ribbon, twine, yarn etc.

 Diaper cake that Poo, mom and Sandy Gayle created!!
Present corner!!

 Table Scape

 Loving the mamas

 Pretty blue flowers

 The flower jars {I created but mamas designed!}

 Baby Boy!

 Like I said... BOY! lol

It was a very fun shower!!  Here are some pics of the jars that we used to put all the flowers in. -- my cousin had the mason jars, we cut ribbon and glued a loop, then added a smaller piece of ribbon around the center to created the bow.  We added ribbon around the mouth of the jars, added a long piece of ribbon we sliced up the center {we tried to have each hanging piece read "oh boy" and "oh baby it's a boy."} We then glued on a blue flat based marble using hot glue and used the flat based marbles to fill the vase!  And done! :)
Another post to follow with pictures of the craziness that is my family!!

What types of baby showers have you been to?  Check out my sister in laws rubber ducky themed one from a while back! 



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