Weekend WrapUp

Warning... this is a pointless post lol

Well another weekend gone...
We went to visit the hubs mom and it was so much fun!!
She lives in one of those quaint little towns in the middle of nowhere! 
Beautiful foliage {yeah totally just threw in a big word to throw you guys!}
So there was a birthday dinner for my mother in law, doggie time, matching sneakers and relaxing!

Pretty sweet and I got nothing else done!!

 So the hubs and I bought these shoes back in like April/May and just realized Saturday that we bought the same exact pair of shoes at the same exact time lol... yeah dense! ;) 
This is Stan The Man!!  My mother in law's 6 month old 70+ pound FurBaby!!
He is crazy!!  But we love him!!

How was your weekend?
Meesh :)


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