Weekend ReCap -- opinions please!!

So it was a fabulous weekend!!
We celebrated our last wedding of the year :(
But it was so fun!!
Everything was beautiful!!
Don't worry, once I plug my phone into my computer there will be picture overload!!
But here are 2 for ya!

No biggie just hanging out...
How adorable are these two really?
Her dress was beyond beautiful!!
A rustic fall theme!!
Loved it!!

There was brunch today and a bunch of sitting at home lol I love lazy weekends!!

So now I need some input please friends!

Bedroom ReDo

Bedroom ReDo by findingmichelina on Polyvore

What are your thoughts and opinions on the color combo?  The duvet?  Just wondering what people think!!  Oh and check out my bedroom redo on pinteret

Hope your weekend was fab, please do share what you were up to!! 
-Meesh :)


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