Tuesday Ten {Pet Peeves}

Thanks as alwasy to Lena B and this week's cohost Leigh-Ellen over at Little Waterlily in a Big Pond

So I think this week's Tuesday 10 was made for me lol
I have so many pet peeves it isn't even funny!
So here we go...
1. Smacking on food, gum etc.
OMG!!  This is enough to make me want to pull out my own hair!
Seriously is it that hard to eat with your mouth shut?!
2. Ignorance!!  I mean seriously you are in mixed company, don't use rude and derogatory words!!
3. Using the world "retarded" in any way shape or form unless it is referring to a person with a developmental disability and used by a professional! 
4.  Politics: "Hi I am one party and I am a liar"
"Hello I am the other party and I am a liar also"
Think I covered all the basics?
5. Lack of attention to detail!
Don't half ass something!
If you are going to do it, do it right!!
6. Morning People!!  I am happy you are happy at 6am I AM NOT!
7. People who are opening up bags of potato chips etc and trying to do it all sow and nonchalant like!
Just open the dang thing already!!
 8.  Misspelling -- spell check is on everything these days!!
USE IT! :)
9. People giving me their opinions when I don't ask for it!
10.  Crazy drivers -- you want to risk your life? FINE!! BUT DON'T RISK MINE!!
11. Pens without lids!
12. Slow drivers!
13. SNOW on my car in the am!

And just an FYI I do more than half of these lol therefore I am my own pet peeve!! :)
Hope you still like me after this one lol 

Happy Tuesday Ten!

-Meesh :)


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