Tuesday 10 {Getting my Geek on!}

We all know by now I love me some Tuesday 10!!


As always big shout out to Lena over at Mom2MemphisAndRuby
and this week's cohost Christina over at Deconstructing Saigon!!

So this one may be hard... I totally refer to myself as "nerd" on a regular so I am going with my inner nerd vs. my inner geek and yeah! :)

1. Total Book Nerd!
Growing up I was the fastest reader in school and I remember being embarassed by it...
Now I love it cause my it made reading through my #2,3,4 & 5 nerdiness things that much easier!!

I am talking I thought Harry was oober hott even before it was legal to do so!!
{Ignore that detail please!}

3. I am a Twilight Fan {Team Jacob all the way!}
Yeah I won't even try to defend myself here....

Source: google.com via Tiffany on Pinterest

4. I have read and enjoyed and am obsessing over the next Hunger Games book!!

Source: google.ca via Maude on Pinterest

5. Little Women... yeah read my copy so many times it is falling apart... <-- nerd alert!

6.  Secretly I enjoy the "horrible" sic-fi stuff my hubs makes me watch!!
Yeah I am only sharing that with you my few dozen intimate friends lol
Yeah I actually LIKE -- Alien Vs. Predator
Battle Star Galactica
Avengers was an AWESOME movie

7. I am a Disney NERD!!
I mean as you have read here I got engaged in Disney for goodness sakes!
I spent 2 second part of my honeymoon there and I am dying for a Disney Cruise next!!

I wait {not very patiently!!} every Fall for the first glimpse of this awesome movie!!

9. I have a craft room -- but don't see the stuff I make, it is always a mess and I live in here!! {case in point writing this while sitting in said craft room haha!!}

Source: via Ashley on Pinterest

10. I still get soooo excited when a big time blogger acknowledges my existence!!
I am talking - I tweet it, I FB it, I blog it lol

So there ya go!!
You decide... am I a nerd or what?!

Peace Out -- Meesh :)


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