Tuesday 10 {10 things I wish I knew 10 years ago}

As always huge thank you to Lena over @Mom2MemphisAndRuby and MommyHuh
for hosting and cohosting Tuesday 10!!

This is a fun one!
What would 27 year old me tell 17 year old me...
It is slightly laughable not gonna lie cause this is an activity I do at work a lot with groups...
So here we go...
Dear Naive-Spoiled-Slightly Bratty 17 year old me,
1. Yeah you will change your major half a dozen times and you WILL learn to live with it -- so stop crying over that damn Freshman year bio course!!  It won't matter when you are 22 promise! 
2.  You don't die because you don't go back "home" to Texas -- in fact you are grateful for quite a few reasons trust me on this one!! 
3.  You WILL do well for yourself -- so stop tweaking! 
4.  Those damn apptitude tests were right... you will become either "A teacher, social worker or counselor" no matter how many times you try to rig the test
5.  You really do gain the weight SO STOP EATING SO MUCH SHIT!! -- no seriously your size 2 arse won't be forever!! LISTEN TO ME!!! 
6. All that independence you wanted well you would give it up to have your parents to take care of you again lol -- And they do in so many ways still!!  You are blessed not lucky never forget that!! 
7.  Darks/whites/delicates etc CAN IN FACT be WASHED TOGETHER despite what your parents say lol -- Just don't tell mom ;)!!! 
8.  Glasses and crooked tooth won't be forever!!  Thank modern technology for that one!
9.  Your little bratty pain in the arse sister... she ends up your BEST FRIEND and has you totally and completely WRAPPED AROUND HER FINGER!
10.  You will travel to some awesome places, get married in Las Vegas and have a freaking pretty sweet life despite all of your unnecessary freaking out!!  So STOP!! 
No less Naive - Even more Spoiled - Still Bratty - But Older 27 year old ME


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