ReDoing Your Floors {AKA a test of marriage}

So as my title informs you 1 - we made the crazy decision to redo our floors and 2 - it was a test of our marriage ;) JK JK it was definitely interesting!!

So let's see here... first of all we had this whole "plan" of how this was going to roll..

Yeah mistake #1!!

After we ended up working Friday {we both had taken it off!}

We opted to fill our kitchen with the entire contents of our second floor furniture...

Thats for everyone who says "your kitchen is sooo small!"  Ha I managed to shove an entire couch, a recliner chair, 3 bar stools, a coffee table and that entry way bench into that kitchen!!  Yeah it has been 4 days and that stuff is still there which leads me to my next story telling point...

After you shove everything you own into your kitchen you go to sleep...

You wake up the next day and rent these 3 monstrosities ...
OMG!!  The tall guy he wasn't so bad, you push him around like a vacuum no biggie right...

Well that silver one is pure EVIL!!  OMG!!  You turned the dang thing on and it had a mind of it's own!!

Now I know I am no little petite thing but holy moly that machine owned my butt!! {and that is a LARGE undertaking!! ;)}

And well the last is the vacuum and well you all know how those work right?  Kinda boring...

So where does the whole testing of your marriage occur?

If you recall I am a counselor by day AKA DESK JOB!!  The most demanding physical aspect of my job is the walk across the street from the parking garage and walking up the flight of stairs to the second floor... so you put a woman {who hates being woken up early!! and was for 3 days in a row!!} and give her power tools {that have minds of their own don't forget!!} and you have a not so happy husband!!

Let me tell you I probably said 100 words over the course of Friday - Monday {normally I say that many in 3 sentences!!  I am a talker as evidenced by the way I type lol}

So our "plan" was to be done by Monday night right... WRONG!!

Sanding wasn't too bad just really tedious and painful!!

And there may have been a belated birthday celebration for my girlie Cait Saturday night after sanding... there was some drinks and lots of horrible singing at our local Karaoke Bar!!  Great way to end Day #1 :)

Then there was clean up, still not bad!!

Oh-oh-oh then the staining began... well the stairs didn't like the stain so we had to re-sand 5 of them!!

So we have stairs that are light and floors that are dark... but we ROCKED IT!!

Then the stain didn't want to dry correctly so that led to us crawling along our entire floor on our hands and knees and de-tacking the floor with rags covered in pain thinner!! 

Then there was the polyurethane... talk about your headaches!!  Wowzers!!

We then proceeded to trap ourselves in our basement cause we re-did all the floors and stairs {that lead to well everything in our house!!}  We even had to go out through the garage and in the front door to go potty lol

And well the rest has been history... second layer of poly down and letting it dry.

Not my funnest vacay ever but here is he before, during and after shot {minus poly} you tell me... was it worth 4 days and my sanity?!
Long winded but true story... we are still married and nobody got hurt in the re-doing of our floors!!  Promise once I can get up there I will post a new pic of the finished product!!  Watch for it on instagram, FB & Twitter!!

Happy Tuesday Night Lovelies!!

Do share any DIY stories please!!

I would love to feel better lol :)

-Meesh :)


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