Tuesday Ten {Fall Must Haves}

Tuesday 10 {Fall Must Haves}
Thank you as always to Lena over at mom2memphisandruby for hosting this super fun link up party!
And thank you to this week's cohost Megan over at AbsoluteMommy!!
I have not taken part in Tuesday 10 since MAY?!
Can you believe that craziness?!
Well I am back today! 
I love the fall and this link up is so amazing to me!
And I also created my own Fall into Autumn link up so go check it out! 
Alright here are 10 must haves... that I actually have!! Tehehe... here we go!!
1. My red v-neck sweater from The Limited {wear it weekly!}
2. This sweater is worn daily... not exaggerating!  
3. Zip up hoodie... only own these in about 6 colors lol
4. This is probably 2 of my fall staples... a tattered overly used and abused cream Old Navy Scarf and 5. my overly used and abused fleeced lined hoodie from LL Bean {it is seriously 4 years old!}

I wear 6. tshirts and 7. jeans from September til May and then roll them up and call them capris come summer lol
8. Surprise gift from the hubs {seriously so comfy!}

9. Winter boots {hello CNY winters!!}
My last staple... 10. CARDIGANS!  I own more of these than I am willing to admit lol
So my friends those 10 of my winter staples!!
Don't forget to link up your Fall into Autumn posts!! 
Happy week,
Meesh :)


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