Magical I tell you!

So this weekend flew by!
Between work, dress fittings for my Sunshine, craft projects for my BFF and getting ready for my beautiful friend's wedding.... Sunday got here before I knew it!

So there was nail getting doneness, rehearsal and rehearsal eating {and drinking--more about my shenanigans during this time later!} 
There was wedding getting readiness {involving shorts that have words on my bum! Haven't worn those since my college days lol}
Then there was the watching of a bride getting ready {nothing more beautiful!!}
Then there was a ceremony {with a dog involved}
More drinking {ooops lol}

It was a fabulous weekend and I am so happy for my friends!!
Here is just one photo until I get going with this blogging thing again.

As my title said Hair and Make up are truly MAGICAL!!!

Seriously though... magic right?

Have you ever gotten your make up done?  Totally worth it or not?

Happy end of your weekend and to a fabulous week ahead!!

Meesh :)


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