Oyyyee What A Hott Mess!!

There is a reason my friends and I go by the names of "The Hott Messes"

Seriously just check out this photo below!

This is how the weekend ended...

This is without liquor

This is prior to me being taught a lesson on "please" & "thank you" {evidently you are supposed to use them as an adult too?!?! Yeah failed the lesson BTW!!  Sorry Zuzu!}

This is how we roll!

Welcome to my world and welcome to being an honorary hot mess!! 

We are crazy, we are loud, we are obnoxious and we can scare away suburban housewives with stories of coat-hangers, but we are us! {not intended to offend anyone!!  we are just well A Hott Mess!}

How was YOUR weekend?

Happy Monday Peeps!!



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