Flooded potties

So as the title reads, it has been an interesting few weeks around these parts lol
For all those sticking around with me, THANK YOU!!
For those of you just finding me, WASSUP?!
So just a few tidbits for ya as of lately...
-Have had fam visiting since Friday!
-The Poo came back from N. Carolina
-Been working
-Got my silhouette!!!
-Been making invitations for my cousin's baby shower!
-Been making decorations/bits and pieces for my Sunshine's bridal shower!
-Attended 2 bridal showers for my friend Cait!!
-Been getting fitted for dresses!
-Visiting the parentals!
-Cleaned up/organized my craft room!
-It has been crazy!!

So just wanted you to know that I am still alive, but obviously I have been on a hiatus and will continue to be on one until the weddings and baby showers are all done!!

So I will try to update on Facebook, Twitter and Pinteresting it up as always!!



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