Weekly Recap {oyyeee!}

So... this past week has not been fabulous to say the least!!
The hubs came down with a flu that turned into bronchitis
He then shared that flu {that is a cold in my body thank God!}
So I have spent the last 4 days trying to fight this cold but waking up feeling like poo!
Left work early on Friday
Ended up at prompt care with the hubs so they could give him something for his cough poor man!

Hubs went to work at 3am till 7ish
I took Benadryl at 5am therefore i was a zombie for the rest of the day
Had to skip out on 2 adorable kids bday celebrations at BFF RhiBi's :(
Took all kinds of meds all day
Worked on wreath for RhiBi and her canvas
Got a lot of posts done
Freaked out when I read a post about plagiarism then freaked out even more to the point of emailing another blogger who probably now thinks I am crazy, but I would prefer crazy over stealer of ideas/look lol let's hope I actually hear back from them! :/
Emailed a few fabulous ladies about my 1 year blogiversaryday celebration giveaway!! {if anyone is interested in being a part please let me know I would love more people!! meesh315@gmail.com}

Slept in again
Woke up feeling ickier than yesterday
Finished RhiBi's canvas {pics later}
Took more meds
Currently watching Talladega {Nascar Race}
Gonna sleep more lol
Need to do laundry for work

Well between not knowing if I had OT or not until that day and being a "good wife" and "helping" hubs while sick lol I didn't go at all this week!

Very bad IK!

So yeah, not that exciting of a weekend but wharves!!
Oh and I got 500+ photos off of my phone and onto the computer!! Yay!!
I got like 2-3 posts already out of those pics!!

How was your weekend?


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