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Alright Mom2MemphisAndRuby and Shaping Up To Be A Mom -- another great post!!
Thanks as always for hosting!!

I decided to create my own spin on this one!!

10 bloggers I would love to meet {aka creeper post lol}

So Nicole was one of the first bloggers to help me out and reach out when I was so new at this!! I would love to meet her and be able to thank her!


Through the eyes of the Mrs

Beth is totally my bloggy BFF whether she knows it or not lol I would love to be able to meet her in real life and have a chit chat with her, share some stories!!  Thank her for holding my hand through this crazy blogging world even with all of her stuff going on.  :)

Ok seriously who does not want to meet Erin?  This girl comes up with the best posts and I would love to meet her so that she could crack me up in real life!!


Alright thanks to Erin actually I found Bonnie's blog and I am so glad I did!!  She is another hilarious girl!! Seriously go visit her!


Alright Ashely is just adorable and her posts are great!!  I love, love, love checking out her blog and what she has to say!  Would love to meet up with her and discuss how on earth she does it all!


Simply Sarah 
Alright so I may or may not have gone to college with this girlie, but she's on the list cause I haven't seen her in like 5+ years and now she's a blog buddy!!  So hey what's up Sar? :)


So Kellie's story has really gotten me!!  I have been following her for more than a year now and would love to be able to meet her and give her a hug!  She has been such a strong and amazing person via her blog and I would love to just be able to tell her that face to face!

Tattered and Inked
So Kelsey is just awesome!!  She always has awesome posts and tutorials and ideas and link ups! I would love to meet her and steal some of that creativity!!  Oh and energy lol


Jen over at tatertos & jello is pretty amazing also!!  She too has some great tutorials, DIYs, link ups etc.  It is so fun to go through her blog!! She is another person I would love to meet so I just be in awe of her in person lol and just tell her how cool she is!!

And last but certainly not least Lena!!  She probably doesn't even know it but I consider her a bloggy buddy too!! She has been oober sweet and been there to help out with stuff!!  Also she has this fabulous link up weekly that allows me to find new friends and new blogs and for that I would love to meet you Lena and say hey!! and be like "nice tattoo, wish I had the cahones to get one!" -- oh and Lena some ideas for topics lol: favorite books? places we have been or want to go to? Ohh and a wish list of ridiculously overpriced pointless but fun things!!
Ok I am done now! :)

lol  So with that creeper moment passed us, those are the 10 bloggers I would like to meet right this second!!  Fabulousity!!

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Peace out cub scouts!!


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