Niagara Falls Anniversary

Hello friends!!

Now while my anniversary was way back in March, I finally buckled down and got all my pics {500+!!} off my phone and onto the computer so I can use them in posts!!

So here is our 3 day trip to Niagara Falls {Canadian Side!!}


I loved it!!

We stayed here

We ate here

I walked up this hill cause those cute trams weren't working when we were there!! 

I got this idea off of pinterest:
 Here is our version
 And the pinteresting one...

Now IK after reading this post ya'll are going to be like seriously?! Are you a hypocrite or what?!

Cause well I can not for the life of me find an original source of this photo!!

As far back as I got it was the link that is here, I searched it and there are a million different places it is linked to but never this couple :(
So for that I am sorry and if you know where it came from please let me know!!

On our way to Niagara Falls!

 We are here!!
Hotel hallway, customs and our first glimpse of the falls!!

Niagara Falls at it's finest!!


Falls are beautiful! Yeah that hill sucked! 

What we did and saw while there!

Alright I am out!!

Deuces as we say at work {imagine me throwing up a peace sign with duck lips and you will get the full effect!}


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