Kids are definitely not for me...{right now!}

So this weekend I got to meet my newest niece!
She is adorable!
We are talking itty bitty peanut hands!
Beautiful big blue eyes!
Lot's of cooing and babbling!
She is perfect right?

Well 1. I held her 2x lol the entire 3 days they were here cause I am petrified of the breakability of peanuts! and 2. I can not even imagine!!

Now don't get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing at all wrong with having peanuts {when you are ready!} but for me right now where I am at I:  am too selfish - am not ready - enjoy my sleep - enjoy my freedom - enjoy that my dog can go in a crate {I hear they frown upon that for chitlins!} - am too damn scared!!

And who would have ever thought something so small could tire out your arm in just 5 minutes?!
And do you know how much and many times peanuts eat in a day?
Oh and let's not mention the bag of peanut shells!!

I give my sister in law and her hubs so much credit, lack of sleep, barely being able to eat themselves and having their whole worlds revolving around peanut and all they could do was talk about how great it was!!  It is amazing what being a parent does to a person!  It is awesome to see and I am proud of them for handling it so well!!  Truly not one real complaint from either of them!

Then my sister in law shared the horrifics of the reality of what happens post baby!!
Holy shnikes!!
I can not even imagine!!

There is news of lots and I mean LOTS of pain and stitches and and and geez I just can't do it!
They haven't gotten a decent nights sleep in over a month!

Once again, they love her and are not complaining one bit {this is all me freaking out lol}

Then there was the story of how peanut had projectile poops all over her daddy!!
We are talking every part of him was covered sans his face! lol

Oh and then there was the vomit everywhere on mommy that resulted in a wardrobe change lol

I mean dude I just can't do it yet!

Please someone tell me they are also in that place?
lol make me feel a little better!! :)

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