How old am I?

Ok so I have been told my entire life that I don't look my age.
It is actually kinda neat now cause I love getting IDed at "my age" lol
So here are some examples:
Which is older?  Yeah get that question all the time!!
She is younger than me by 6 years!!
{Me, PooPoo & Poo}

I was 21 in this photo lol
I look like I am 12!

Yeah this was 22 or 23 when we got engaged lol
I look like I am barely 18

This was my 24th birthday!
I am thinking the glasses + braces did not help me out too much hahaha

So ok there is the photographic evidence and now here is a story or 2 for you.

My favorite story was when I was in college and my doctor told me "get some vitamins with iron in them."  So I head to Wally World with the momma and Poo and grab some vitamins that said +iron and head up to the pharmacist.  Me: "Hi are these good vitamins for me?  My doc said I needed some with iron in them."  Pharmacist with bottle in hand: "Yes these should be good for you... as long as you are at least 11."  Me:  "Umm yeah I am good, I am 18!"

Yeah that one got a good laugh out of everyone :)

You know the carnival guy who does the "let me guess your age/weight and you win a prize!"
Well me and the Poo {remember she is 6 years younger than me!!} went up to him and he guesses her at 20 and me at 18!!  Yeah he still won but we laughed cause yet again in our lives she was thought to be the older one!

It may not help that I am 5'2"... but then again Poo is only 4'11"!!

So last story we were at the NYS Fair a few years ago and heading towards the "beer tent"
Well they let the hubs go right in, they stop me and ID me and once again Poo just walks right through the line with no problem!!  She wasn't even old enough to drink!

So yeah I appreciate it and promise I am not complaining, the age thing has provided me with a lot of entertaining moments in my life lol
Lots of laughs and stories!!

And this is me today:

So the big question to ya'll... how old am I?!
Maybe the winner will win a prize!! :)


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