F.M.H Round 2

So as you read in this post I live by the mantra of FMH {forget my head if it wasn't attached!} Oh and I created a cook pic/button thingy for it!  What do we think?  And also this is an ongoing post so we are starting at #4...

Now it has been a while since my original post right?

Well I have spent WEEKS!! collecting stories, anecdotes etc. on post it notes at work cause I always forget my journals!! Well... then I kinda sorta lost my post it notes tehehe 

But then I realized oh wait... I found them! :)  So yeah there is FMH #4 {not even being able to find the FMH's moments!! But then finding them lol}

FMH #5: There was that time I was 30 minutes late for work without calling cause I couldn't find my bag in my phone and every time I tried I would almost hit the car in front of me!

Yeah not a great start to my day!!

FMH #6: Then...I managed to spill my entire cup of coffee on my desk and all my paper work got wet and so did my calendar!! Do you know how annoying it is when your calendar for the next like 8 months is stained from coffee? Ugghhh totally stinks! 

FMH #7: So at work we have a phone that requires a double line or a single line either way I have what that particular phone needs.  That results in my co-workers using my phones {which is not a problem at all, I don't mind one bit!}  However I tend to forget to sign off my computer in order for them to sign on which results in the person using it having to force quit my stuff and feeling guilty afterwards.  Just know that I also put a post it on my computer monitor to remind myself and still forgot!! Yeah I am a mess lol

FMH #8: OMG I do this all the time, I walk out of my office with a goal in mind and then promptly forget.  But to make matters worse I get out there and get distracted by bright shiny objects, return to my office, remember, try again and repeat over and over again!

FMH #9: There was this one day I left my house with the intent of going to the gym but actually began to drive to work!!  Yeah was not happy 30 minutes later when I finally made it to the gym!! 

FMH #10: And last but not least today... we have a lovely leather couch and I am a big fan of it!  It is cold in the summer and gets nice and warm in the winter... I love it... however it has a slight problem... there is a bar and I sit down on it EVERY SINGLE TIME!! Mind you we have had this couch for 5+ years!!  Yet every single time I sit on the dang thing!

So yeah any FMH in your life lately?  

-Meesh :)


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