Dude did I do that?

Alright so I had a post all set for today on me and the hubs anniversary (yeah it was over a month ago lol) 
But then I read this post which Leilani of Soleil Selene posted on FB!
Now I try really hard to never just straight copy anyone else's stuff, however I will definitely try to my hardest to give credit to others when I use their idea.  

So after reading this post this morning I realized HOLY CRAP are there times I copy or imitate without even meaning to?
I will tell you right now I love many blogs and will find myself reading their stuff and loving it so much that I end up creating my own version of theirs?
Like I just read my "about" section and realized I had gotten an idea off of Erin's About section... now is that plagiarizing? Cause if it is I will delete it and recreate it!
Please tell me and I even plan on emailing her at this point to make sure!!

So any who after reading what this poor woman Crissy went through I felt horribly bad!!
I can't even imagine having the audacity to copy verbatim but like I said I have found myself imitating and even that is not right!!

So please anyone out there that reads this little blog and find me doing something not right please, please, please call me out on it!!

Email me, FB me whatever you gotta do!

I never want someone to feel that way because of my own stupidity and not paying attention!

So with that being said I am going to go and create a post about all of the ideas I found for my sister in law's baby shower and where I got the ideas from!!  

So now am I the creeper that wrote a post in response to another post?

I mean this is a post I wanted to write for a while cause there are so many posts about Pinterest and not stealing others ideas without giving them credit, products that are so similar to other people's products etc.  I am not creative in the sense of coming up completely with my own idea, however I try my hardest to take an idea and give it my own spin then give credit to where I got the idea from... does that count?  Sorry I am rambling now but it is so scary to me!!  I am the same girl who freaked out every time I had a paper to write cause I was so so scared of plagiarizing without meaning to.  Not that my own obliviousness is an excuse but it unfortunately often gets the best of me.

Agghh whoo would have ever known how difficult this damn blogging/crafting/creating thing would be?!?! 

Ok I am done now.  


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