Dear Blog,

Oh bloggy wow I remember when I just created you last May.
I was petrified to make it go "live."
I was in a weird place and needed a friend.
I thought I was going to write a best selling book and when I realized that was so not gonna happen lol I had to find a way to handle my world.
And you were born!
Man have we fought and had some good times!
There was that time you decided to change the email attached to you and I thought you were going to go out the window!
Then there was the time I wrote an honest post and found some friends because of it.
Oh and don't forget my bloggy buddies I have made!
Some of them are fabulous!!
And your 1 year blogdayiversary is coming up soon!!
You are my place to go when I am having one of those days {you know the ones bloggy!}
You always listen which is cool!
And you are totally encouraging of me posting 8 million photos of DIY project!!
Bloggy you rock!!

Meesh {aka mama hahahaha}

Linking up here {Disclaimer, Erin at LIY created a link up post back in Early March lol and I never got around to posting mine so I decided I am doing it today cause I love this post!}


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