Weekend wrap up and Exercise recap week something or another!

Hello ya'll!!

Sorry I have been MIA!!

It has been crazy around here!!

So 1st things 1st...

Exercise recap:
Did you know there is a massive hill on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls?
Also did you know the super cute red trams that go up and down that massive hill are closed down during off season?

So yeah we ended up walking up this GIANT hill multiple times and man did my butt and thighs hurt the next day lol.

So I say that is exercise!!  And we walked everywhere while there :) {post coming up!}
No weight lost, but the 2nd bridesmaid dress I bought was no bigger than the first so I guess that is good lol

Now on to the weekend recap...

Cleaned my nasty house!
Brought the heart garland and banner to my sister in law Som for her friend's bridal shower the next day {post coming up!}
Proceeded to bug my in laws for about 2 hours lol
Oh I bought a ticket for that there Mega Millions non-sense and proceeded to not win {big surprise ik!}
Went to bed relatively early...
That is all!

Got up, did some laundry, cleaned up some more
Got read and had a mini photo shoot... feel free to giggle at me now :)
Went bridesmaid dress shopping!!

Yeah that is straight up butch sexiness!! 
{and thank the lord that was not the dress we chose!! that post is coming up though!}
Then I finished cleaning
Stayed up until about 1am finishing up decorations etc for the shower on Sunday

Was up early {yeah by early I mean 9ish lol}
Cleaned up the potties {need them sparkly for company!}
Began the decorating process for the shower!! 
These are just the teasers!! :) --> whole post coming soon!

Spent a few hours with the sister in laws and my super fabulous mother in law!!
Everyone stayed and helped me clean up so I didn't have to do it all which was beyond awesome of them!
Then an early night in bed!

So that is my weekend recap, how was yours?!

Love ya'll!!
Meesh :)


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