Tuesday Ten {link up to Mom2MemphisAndRuby}

Alright once again Lena over at Mom2MemphisAndRuby and her cohost this week Ashley of Flats to Flip Flops came up with another fabulous Tuesday Ten!! 

Must Have/Favorite Beauty Products!!

Now ask anyone that knows me and they would laugh if they heard my excitement cause I don't spend a lot of time on my appearance lol, however that does not mean I don't love love love me some fabulous beauty supplies!!

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So here goes:
1&2. Yes I use proactiv and have for a few years now!
I can not even begin to imagine what my skin would like at this point if not lol
It's a 2 for 1 deal cause I use the wash and can't live without the oil free moisturizer!!
Perfect combo! :)
3. Carmex - yeah that's right!! It is the only product I have found to date that does not make my lips break out or freak out when used!! Must have! 

4. Origins Quick Hide Long Lasting Concealer {my color is light medium}-- this works wonders on my raccoon eyes lol, must have daily!

5. Bare Minerals Original Foundation {my color is medium beige} works wonders also!! Love that it covers up all the uglies!!  It is almost like my skin is fabulous lol 

6. Buxom Amplified Mascara in loud black -- OMG!! The wand has a feature that allows it to be long or short.  Short works great for just a simple layer of mascara! 

7. Avon Satin Gel Eyeliner -- I have never had a steady enough hand for regular eyeliner or liquid sadly... this stuff works great for me!! 

8. All things Clinique!!  Every Christmas Toby's step mother gives all of us girls goodie bags that are also Clinique filled with Clinique samples!! One of my favorite gifts!! 

9. Tea tree gel from The Body Shop -- OMG!! When Proactiv is not working perfectly, this stuff saves my life!!  Almost instantly the redness in a ugly pimple will go away and the monster will begin to go down!!  

10. Sephora Eyelash Curler -- OMG!! Bought one of these for myself for Christmas 2 years ago and I need a new one.  Mine is red {Christmas time :)}

So most of these are daily uses and I love them!!
What are your must have beauty products?

Thanks again ladies!! :)

Meesh :)


I need that tea tree oil stick!
thanks for linking up!

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