Recap of Life

Alright so I have come to a few realizations...
1. I go through phases where I will be on top of this blogging thing for a week sometimes even two!
2. After that week or 2 I disappear for another 2-3 lol
3. I could make this bloggy baby of mine so much more if I put more effort into her
4. I want to put more effort into her!
5. I am really good at making excuses!!

So as for the recap part: HERE WE GO!

We joined a gym in Early April, I have been going!!
No weight loss seen, but certain areas are a bit less lumpy shall we saw {yeah IKIK TMI, Sorry1}
So far I have worked up to 30{ish} minutes on the treadmill, 15+ minutes on an elliptical type machine...
Did you know there are like a 4-5 different elliptical style machines at the gym?!
Yeah I didn't and no they are not all the same!!
Some are evil!!

So let's see...
Ya'll know there was a baby shower or 2
One of those babies' popped out!!

We celebrated Easter with the fam
I went on a day trip to Albany to visit a college rookie
We celebrated hubby's bdy {2 weeks, dinner and Karaoke Bar with friends, brunch with his dad and step mom, then his presents and dinner at home!}
I created a new canvas for my friend RhiBi
Had our April celebration with my Oy What a Hot Mess Crew

It has been a good few weeks...

So quick question for ya'll.
I have a million pics on my phone {iPhone} what to do ya'll do to get them onto your computer so you can use them in posts etc.?

I feel bad telling ya'll all about fabulous stuff, but never showing pics lol

Alright so there's my week month for ya'll!!

How's life been on your ends?!

Meesh :)


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