The Gym

Alright so like I said in this post I joined a gym recently...

So far let me share with you some THINGS that have occurred so far...

Well 1st there is only 1 potty in that locker room!

Yeah, yeah, yeah IK we all have the same parts {theoretically} but still!!

Second of all the machines are right on top of one another... which results in you standing there awkwardly deciding do I stand next to the creepy totally bulked up guy that keeps eyeballing me or the super skinny chic you secretly hate cause she looks like you want to look... neither option is great and just so uk I ended up next to the bulky guy!

Then there is the whole you are using equipment and staring at someone's bum right in front of you!  But that is not the worst of it!! You realize someone is working out behind you looking at your bum and you hope your bum doesn't look "that" person's bum!

K now down to the best one of all, I sweat!
I am talking straight up you would think I just ran a marathon at full speed sweat!
It is so bad lol poor people next to me!!

So yeah working out no matter what magazines try to tell you is not pretty nor glamorous!

It involves: awkwardly not messing with your pants as they ride, almost dropping your iPhone every 30 seconds, going slow on the treadmill while everyone else is running at full speed, ear buds that hurt, sweating, changing with all your clothes still on...

Do you get how fun this is?! lol

Anyone else got a gym story?
Make me feel better that it gets better lol

-Meesh :)


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