Dress Shopping

So IDK if I told you guys or not, but I am in 2 wedding this year!!
My fabulous friend Cait that I was roommates with in grad school and went to undergrad with is getting married in August!

Then my Sunshine Franke is getting married in September!

And just for fun, my friend Shannon is getting married in October {but I am not in that one lol just invited!!}

So yeah weddings = bridesmaid dress shopping!! :)

Photo on the left is us trying on dresses, I loved the poofy one!!
The photo on the right is the dress we got {on the left} and the color it will be {the blue on the right!}
These are for Cait's wedding!!

L to R: 1. Animal print dress {that looked way better not he hanger lol}, 2. Butch Sexiness, 3. Lace hotness

L to R: 1. 1 shoulder goddess, 2. Tulle-2-toned-with flower {slight mess on me lol}, 3. My Favorite!! Hott sexiness {also know as shiny satin!!}, 4. Simplistic :)
And these options were tried on for Sunshine's wedding! 

I have to say I am such a dork!
I absolutely love dress shopping!!
I wanted nothing more than to be in a wedding so I got to try on the dresses!!
It was so much fun to pick them out and then try on each one!! :)
Now I need someone else to have a wedding each year from now till I am 90 so I can keep doing this! :)

So my question to ya'll...
Which one do you think we chose for Sunshine's wedding?

Peace out Ya'll!!
Meesh :)


Shannon said…
loving the shoutout...but REALLY with the picture, REALLY lol...!?
Chelsea said…
lace hotness, love it! you look great it in it too :) haha gotta love that the black pattern socks make the dresses look even classier!

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