Weekend wrap up and Exercise recap week 11 {yeah that is where we are I decided!}

So Monday is upon us... AGAIN!
But I will not complain this week as it is a 3 day work week for me!
That is right, I am headed to Niagara Falls in Canadia {yeah I spelled it wrong in on purpose, in my neck of the woods that is how it is pronounced! :)} Wednesday night!
So excited for a few reasons 1.) I am leaving the country and have a use for my passport that hubs made me get last year for our honeymoon but I never used! {that's a story for another day!} and 2.) I finally get to see the FALLS!!
It is the simple things in life!

Well here is my weekend snapshot!

Got home from work after getting the eyebrows did
Waited anxiously for the rentals to get back from N. Carolina {lucky ducks!}
Passed out lol
Really now that I think about it it was pretty uneventful {and just so you know when I typed in "about it" spell check turned it into "about tit" lol perved spell check!}

Cleaned my nasty house {kinda and by kinda I did some dishes and laundry :)}
As stated above did massive amounts of laundry {you ever realize oh crap I really do own a lot of clothing? cause I did saturday!}
Took a nap with hubs on the couch
Went to the store and did some couponing!!
Before that though I went to AC Moore and bought spray paint and a hole punch for a heart garland I am making {pics to be up later!}
Ate the world's grossest "meat in a pocket" disaster ever!! {I will eat virtually anything and I couldn't even finish it!!}
Then proceeded to eat corn dogs for dinner bahaha!!

Cleaned up from nasty dinner above and made myself pancakes!! YUM!
Ran to the dollar store for shower curtain loop thingies to organize scarves {pics to come later also!}
Weggies run for the paper, chicken, avocados, salad and limes!
Went shopping with hubby's oldest sister for supplies for a bridal shower she is throwing {I am making stuff!!}
Got a super awesome heart punch used for above discussed heart garland!
Made yummy lime chicken over salad with fresh avocado slices {didn't even need dressing! and super easy: marinade chicken in fresh lime juice for a few hours, grill or fry up, add extra lime, let it cook out and throw over salad!}
Punched out 84 hearts
Watched Once Upon A Time
Blogged about my oh so fabulous week lol

And as for exercise week 11:
Well dinner tonight was healthy... that's a start lol
Umm we ate more home cooked food this week!
Way less take out!
More water!
And plans to begin walking!!
Yeah that's all I got lol

Happy Monday Fabulosities!
Hope your week flies by!!

Meesh :)

OH and I created my first every blog button all by myself  and by myself I mean with the help of this site oh and this one too!
It's on my side bar what do ya'll think?!


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