Weekend Recap and Exercise week 10 or something

So my weekend went by wayyy too fast {per usual lol}

Came home, weather was a bit icky so we decided to order chinese right?
Yeah this girl ordered from China Garden but went to Asian Garden to pick it up and was not the least bit concerned that they had to make my order while I stood there!
Get a phone call "your food has been ready for 45 minute"
Yeah I am an arse lol
So needless to say I was charged for 2 meals but only ate 1 :(

Changed the tires on my car
Did some more shopping for my sister in law's upcoming baby shower
Mailed out the baby shower invites
Made some more stuff for the baby shower
Ate way too much junk food
I am talking Wendy's for lunch then Chili's for dinner!
Was a bit of a grumpy pants as my hubs calls me and poor hubs got the brunt of it!

Woke up at 9:00 but that was really 8:00 {silly day light savings!}
Hubs brought me home a bagel and coffee AND the paper!!
I love me some coupons!
So spent some time couponing {thats a post for another day!}
Went to Babies R Us for hubs sister's shower {the one I am throwing!!}
Oooed and ahhhed over cute things and had hubs reign me in time and time again so I didn't buy the store!
Came home
Cleaned out my car {2 bags of crap later!}
Parentals showed up to switch cars {they are on their way to N.Carolina as we speak! lucky ducks!}
Went to dinner at Ruby Tuesdays
On my way to AC Moore for midnight madness

Exercise recap:
Read above, I pigged out on junk food all weekend!!
Poor decision! :(

Oh on a happy note though, we got our wedding photos finally!

Alright hope your Monday is just fabulous!
Think happy thoughts, you are that much closer to Friday!

-Meesh :)


You have been a busy girl! Oh and getting your wedding photos is like Christmas DAY :)! haha
Danielle said…
Sounds like a good weekend and a lot of good workouts!! Wedding pictures= LOVE!!
Simply Sarah said…
love the wedding pics - you seriously looked so beautiful. And Toby what a stunna <3

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