Tuesday 10 {All about SHOES!!}

Mom2MemphisAndRuby and Absolute Mommy you picked the best topic ever!!
I love, love, love me some shoes!!

My top 10 shoe pics {and fat chance wishes :)}

1. Let's start with the FATTEST chance ever!!  Some super hott aqua Louboutin's!

2. Still a FAT chance, Meteorita Louboutin's!

3. Now on to super hot but where do I wear them to?!
Source: dsw.com via Michelina on Pinterest

4. Oh and don't forget the "I scream bridesmaid/wedding guest!" shoe... perfect right?!
Source: dsw.com via Michelina on Pinterest

5. Super hott but borderline trashy?

6. Seriously who on earth would like these except me?! lol

7. Alright we are getting more "normal"

8. I love me some nautical inspired shoes!!

9. Told you I like nautical inspired lol

10. And last but not least, the practical shoe I would wear every day to work and will most likely end up buying since the dog ate my pair I loved from last year! Little shoe eater pain in my butt! But{t} he is so cute!! Oh right the last pair!!

See I like me some shoes!!
The world's best Tuesday Ten {you should totally do purses next! oh and then Tiffany's inspired!! oh and then craft rooms!!}  Sorry I am back now lol

Like my style?
What's yours like?

Love ya'll,
Meesh :)

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Love your enthusiasm! I feel the same way about shoes!! Great pics!
Leigh-Ellen said…
I love me some nautical inspired shoes too... and sky high heels that are totally impractical! Love them all.
OOO! I love #9! My hubby and I are going on a cruise next week and I just put together a 'boat outfit' to wear of white shorts and a blue and white striped 3/4 sleeve shirt, these would go PERFECT with! I wonder if my Target still has them...
MommaPea said…
that first pair of platforms kinda blew me away! i'd never be daring enough to try them, but i do love 'em!

Meesh said…
Mine did Saturday! Good luck! Where are you going? :)
Meesh said…
Haha i feel the same way! I am not rich nor famous enough to pull these off lol :) but still so fun to imagine!
Meesh said…
So much arent they? I love pretending i would ever really wear half of them lol im such a flip-flop, flats kind of girl lol :)
These are the most feminine shoes ever - totally impressed!
Simply Sarah said…
great picks Meesh!!! I can't wear anything platformy because I'm sky high, but I LOVE anything nautical!
AbsoluteMommy said…
OMG number nine for sure! I love nautical too!
Also the trashy hot pink ones... They scream Snookie, but they also scream BUY ME! I totally would!
Thanks for linking up today!
This was a great post!
Tranae said…
1 & 2 are so cute. I actually saved up the money to buy me a pair of Louboutins last year but when it came time to buy I couldn't part with my money. lol

Cute blog
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Joelle said…
I am seriously in love with the blue heels at the beginning! omggggg, I want it so bad!!
I have a really similar pair of shoes to the last picture! Mine are from New Look! :)

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