Heart Garland and XOXO {DIY}

So I am all about the DIYs lately...
And if you read this post not spending any extra money!
{So all of these products where either in the house already, bought before the no more spend rule or from another project!}
Thanks to Pinterest I have had some great inspiration!
Here is what I saw:

And here is what I created:

{You buy .39 XOXO and heart from Hobby Lobby's clearance section, bring them home, paint them and wa-la all done!}  Then if you were better than me you would actually decorate them with dots, stripes, chevron stripes, ribbons etc.  I got lazy! :)  Really simple right?

For your heart garland {you take a book you bought in the $5 bin at Wegmans and start ripping out pages, you then trim up the pages so they are prettier, fold each sheet into quarter, cut up your strips and then you have a pile of 20+ strips of paper} 

Now comes the fun part...
{You take an ink pad and sponge or dauber if you find one and take all of those 20+ strips of paper and begin daubing the side with ink, you will eventually get a nice pile of red or any color you choose tinged strips of paper!}

Here are some hints:
-for the letters -- sand them a bit first or else they tear at your paint brushes {lesson learned!}
-for the heart garland -- it takes a while and a really good ink pad {i didn't have one so it took way longer}
-heart garland again -- dauber both sides of the paper {front and back, left and right}

When you have all your strips colored:  fold in half, create that heart shape and glue or tape together, then add them together however you want to create your garland!

{For the final product go here}

FYI:  I got the dauber technique from a scrapbook party/club I am part of and go to monthly.  The products are: Close to my heart and I completely love their products!!  But didn't want ya'll to think I am that good lol, gotta give credit where credit is due right? 

So there ya go friends!!

I love DIYs how about you?!

-Meesh :)

Oh and P.S. for anyone else who loves Pinterest check out my "Yeah I did that!" board :)


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