Exercise Recap Week 8 {or 9}

Yeah as you have seen, I have been slacking on this one!
Shame on me!
I have been bad.
Nothing new to report unfortunately, I gained the 2-3 pounds I lost back...
I had a few epiphanies {hope I am using it right, where's hubs to correct me when I need him!}
I realized there is a lot of diabetes and weight issues in my peeps {the famdamily} so I should probably really make some choices...
I realized it ain't just gonna happen!
I realized I really like junk food/soda/fast food etc.
I realized it is way easier to do the "wrong" thing as opposed to the "right"
I realized working hard sux!!

And on that note I am out!
Peace out cub scouts!
-Meesh :)


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