When I grow up I want to be...

Well I always always always thought I was going to be a doctor when I grew up lol {a pediatrician to be exact}

Then I went to school and I was going to be... a psychiatrist, a psychologist, a RN, a PA and a nurse practitioner...

Then I went to grad school and I was going to be.... a mental health counselor, a RN, a nurse practitioner {psychiatric this time though} and ended up as a mental health counselor...

So with that being said I was a social worker for a nursing home and now I am a chemical dependency counselor... really far fetched from the pediatrician was I was supposed to be! lol

Don't get me wrong, I really like what I do.
It is interesting and typically far from boring.

With all that said, have I ever mentioned how much I love planning?  As in event planning!  {yeah this is my newest endeavor!!} 

There is just something magical about helping my family and friends plan events in their life!

I love how simple it can be to how complicated it can get!

Right now I have a few I get to help with: my best friend {Sunshine} is getting married September 1st, my good friend Cait is getting married in August and my sister in law is gonna have a baby in April {and I get to host the baby shower!!}

Anywho just wanted to share with ya'll how easily my mind goes from one thing to another lol :)  Let's hope I can come tell ya'll one day that I am planning weddings along side David Tutera!! {OMG talk about dreams come true!} bahaha

Love ya'lls,
Meesh :)

Hanging out over here: 


rebecca said…
Event planning has always sounded so fun to me too. I would love to help with weddings or baby showers. I love them both! And the more cute ideas I come across, the more I want to get involved. I still read bridal magazines even though I'm far from a bride anymore and I still love looking at baby shower ideas even though I'm not pregnant. Its just something so fun about those events.

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