My secret wish is...

To become RICH and FAMOUS by being "found" on accident!!

Dorky? --> Yes
Pathetic? --> Depends who you ask ;)
Gonna happen? --> Probably not lol
Still my dream? --> Heck to the yeah!!

Anyone else do this:
Sit back and create these elaborate stories in your head of how things will magically work out?

I DO! 

And of those day dreams is being "discovered" while looking a mess, being myself and shopping at the mall!! LOL

To make this whole thing even more comical...
Emma Roberts

is currently in my city filming an independent movie!!

Could it happen?!?! FINALLY!!
My dream come true?!

Oh the good I would do...
     The charity I would give to...
          The humble person I would remain...
               The shoes I would buy...
                    The debt I'd pay off...
                         I mean come on I gotta be honest lol :)

Well now ya'll know my secret wish!
What's your secret wish?

Meesh :)


Cute post! New linky follower! I saw you on Mom2Memphis' FB page! :) xo, Reannah @ ShapedbyGrace

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