I feel very blessed...

When it comes to the jobs I've had in the past
Each one taught me something I could and did take with me in life
I gained valuable experience and knowledge at each of them
I had perks at each one like discounts on merchandise, paid lunches, the freedom to create my own schedule, my own office and a Keurig machine :) among others

And most importantly I took a friend for a long time from many of them
There's: Posi, Filbertina's Mom and BFF RhiBi

You see Posi was my boss at one of my first jobs working for a small retail store
Posi is beyond amazing! 
She always treated me so well and was always so fair to everyone!
In all the time I worked for her, she literally raised her voice 1 time!!
I am not exaggerating!
I first worked for her when I was a sophomore in college so about 6 years ago and she still sends me a Christmas card every year and I send her one also!
I have received baby announcements for both of her (beyond beautiful!) little ones.
I was invited to her baby shower and that babies' first birthday!

Like I said she is amazing and I am so grateful I had the joy of working with her and can now call her my friend :)

Filbertina's Mom was my boss at my last job
FM set me free at work and left her trust in me that I would do what I needed to 
FM allowed me the freedom to work at my own pace
FM treated me like an equal and always did
FM never hid from me the reality of our situation at work
From day one she never lied to me about the intensity of what we would be up against
FM became my friend truly when I left
I left that job almost a year ago
FM and I do lunch probably once a month at least!

FM is an amazing friend and has been a great person to get to know and learn from :)
Source: etsy.com via Lauren on Pinterest

BFF RhiBi is currently someone I work with
You know how you just meet someone and initially you are not sure about them but then you realize OMG we are so BFFs!!
Well that is RhiBi
She is just as snarky as me
But she also cares as much as me 
She knows when I am having a bad day
She is always there for me
She keeps my secrets and I keep hers
RhiBi supports me at work and in every day adventures
She encourages my craftiness and blogging 

RhiBi is a true friend, she is good and kind and has a heart of gold! I am a lucky girl :)

Best of all for all 3 of these fab ladies they like me for ME!

Meesh :)


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