Why Finding Michelina?

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After I first started blogging, I began to question my blog's "name" so to speak
And after reading this awesome blogger's post I decided to talk it out with ya'll....

You see when I first started this blog back in May 2011 I was in a weird place.
As I said in that post, I had {and still have} a lot to be grateful for and have been blessed.
However I just wasn't quite happy {but I am slowly getting there!}

So my "name" of Finding Michelina was exactly how I was feeling {and still do}.
I am trying to find me!
I am trying to figure out where I belong.
How do I fit into this world?

I have a tendency to be a blunt, sarcastic, sometimes down right mean person at times.
But deep down I am still that 6 year old little girl who would cry if she didn't do the best and would cry if someone yelled.
So someone in my life currently helped me to see that a large part of this is probably me trying to "defend" and "protect" myself.

I decided a long time ago that crying shows weakness {only in me though, for anyone else it is fine lol}
I decided that I had to show others they don't hurt me and I "don't care about their opinions and what they have to say!"
Now don't get me wrong, there really are some people whose opinions, thoughts etc don't bother me.
But more often than not my feelings were hurt or I am now thinking about who I am.

So now that you know more about the real me, hope you still like me lol
But also hope Finding Michelina makes more sense.

As I said in this post I am learning that writing, blogging, journaling my life has helped to shape me and helped me to see what makes me happy!

Just having Finding Michelina makes me happy everyday!

I get to share my craziness!!

I get to chronicle my life!!

While it is scary at times and a true challenge it has taught and helped me!

And for once I don't have to impress anyone, since it is me and how I feel people don't have to like it and some won't and this blog can teach me more about accepting: I am not perfect!  I will never be perfect!  I can be me!  I can do what makes me happy!  My own worse enemy is me!!  The hardest expectations come from me!  I am allowed to feel!!  Crying happens to everyone!!  Everyday is new!

So having said that, I am still searching for that Michelina!!
But get closer every single day!! :)

Peace out cub scouts,

Meesh :)


That was really honest and nice to see for a change. I read a lot of blogs since I am sorta new to it as well. I see people who just want followers, some who do give aways, and then it's rare I find the rare read. Someone who is using blogging as it is meant to be. Put yourself out there! It should be a little scary, and try not to care what others think. I love your title! I will be back to read more posts. Thanks for the inspiration. Already a follower!!

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