Why do I blog?

I have been thinking about this post for a while...
And after reading this ladies' post I realized I need to figure it out...

So why do I blog?

I blog for ME

I blog for anyone out there who wants to read about the craziness that is my life

I blog because it is an outlet for me

I blog because I enjoy chronicling my life on here

I blog because I recently found my craftiness and love to share it with others

I blog because it is FUN for me

I blog because I get to meet wonderful people who I might have never had the chance to meet otherwise

I blog so that I can learn, grow and thrive

I blog without the thought of pleasing others

I blog because it is so far from what I do in "real life"

I blog because I have always loved writing, maybe I will never write a book but I will write whatever my little heart desires on here

I blog because I can be me here 

I blog because it has led me to some beautiful causes, blogs, people, sites and reminded me that there is still Good out there! 

I blog because I can!!! 

Now please don't get me wrong, would I love to become a big blog like many of my bloggy "idols?"  -- Yes!
Would I love to open up my own shop with my wreaths, canvases etc one day?  -- Yes!!
Would I love it if people wanted to read my blog just because? -- Yes! 
Would I love if my stuff was pinned? -- Yes!
Would I love if my blog "went" somewhere?  -- Yes!!
Will I be disappointed or saddened if none of the above happens?  -- Yes

Will I move forward and remind myself of all I have been blessed with and accept this blog for what it may be now and remain forever? -- Yes!!
So in the end I would love to be "famous" for my blog, but if that does not happen I will live since I have survived this far!!

If it get's there well I will thank the Lord above for another blessing and if it doesn't I will still thank the Lord above for my blessings!!

I know I am still a small bloggy, but I have seen so many people who have grown and found it difficult and have found others that have grown to have lost touch with where they came from. 
I want to remind myself and have this post to always hold myself accountable!
I began doing this for me and I never want that to change!
If you bared with me, thank you!
If you have left me, well you will never see this but thank you for sticking it out as long as you did!

I hope we are still friends!!

Meesh :)


I LOVE this post! I've had a similar post swirling around in my head for quite sometime now and I just need to write it down and get it out. Many people don't understand why I blog and why I would continue to spend so much time doing something that I don't get paid for. I blog for many of the same reasons you do. It's one of the few things that I can truly call my own, I'm proud of and IT MAKES ME HAPPY...shouldn't that be enough? Thanks so much for sharing this!!
Its part of who you are! Part of who ALOT of us are! great post girl! You speak for so many of us ;) Thank you!!
Remy Hadley said…
I love this!

Back in October, I actually stopped blogging, because I lost touch with my "Blog for me" mindset, I kept seeing people looking for sponsors and followers, and it drilled into my head that I had to do these things in order have my blog noticed, and I grew frustrated with it.

Now I'm back in the right mindset and I'm happy again. :)
Love this... And I'll definitely be sticking around! ;)
Meesh said…
Thanks again ladies for the love and support!!
-Meesh :)

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