Why am I up at midnight?

Why am I up at midnight when I am just getting over being sick and have to be at work in 8 hours?

Well my mind refuses to go nonna nonna as we say to the furry baby...

Why you ask? {well that is so kind of you to ask!}

Because the hubs and I have decided to tighten the belt and stop spending "frivolously" and by frivolously it means me really lol... so no more trips to Michael's or Joann's or AC Moore or Hallmark or Target or well you get the picture lol for un needed items...

So with that in mind I sat in bed thinking OMG but I had so many ideas for the upcoming months for decorating the house {mind you I type this while staring at my mantle with it's half finished winter display... should probably finish that before SPRING!}

But then I realized....hmm well it seems there is a challenged here... can I go this year without buying UNNECESSARY items from the craft stores and Target {that one always sneaks in there!}?

Well you know what?!  I take your challenge {not sure who it is exactly that I believe challenged me, but I accept it none the less!}

So I started thinking and then realized nonna nonna was going to be far off cause I needed to start a list of all the things I could make with stuff right here in the house!!

Then I got even more awake and excited and so here I sit typing to ya'll

So my challenge I took on is this:

-My projects from this point forward will come from items in the house {with the exception of wreath bases lol}

-I will work on my "to do" list of crafts I already bought supplies for {reference pic above :)}

-I will finish half done projects

-I will actually make things I have PINNED!! {reference pic above :)}

-I will reuse things I have already made or purchased for something else

-I will blog about it on here for ya'll to see

So that is my challenge to me!

And with that I will try to sleep now...

Peace out cub scouts!

Meesh :)


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