My Year {2011} Picture Review!

So even though I {still} need to do a recap of Christmas and our Christmas Party post and already did a kind of random {but I pretended it had a point} post, I figured I would show you what my year looked like in {picture} review form! Hope you enjoy!!

January 2011 
{Brought a Maryland get together and new beginnings!}

February 2011
{Brought some hard core effort with our Lose that Booty 2011 at that time!}

March 2011
{My bridal shower, my surprise bachelorette party, my wedding and the first part of my honeymoon

April 2011
{The second part of my honeymoon, my sister in law's bridal shower and my StacyMay's bridal shower}

May 2011
{Coleen's wedding and the creation of Finding Michelina!!}

June 2011

{StacyMay's wedding day and her adorable niece Jenneca's bday!}

July 2011
 {My first ever wreath... can you tell?! lol}

August 2011

{My first ever concert, yes you read that correctly!}

September 2011
{ShanMac's baby and a visit :)}

October 2011
{Some family time and pumpkin carving}

November 2011
{Welcome Fall!}

December 2011
{And Merry Christmas to all!}

So I know it is mid January but hey at least I did it!
Hope you enjoyed my year in photos!!

Love ya'll,
Meesh :)


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