F. M. H.


This is going to be my new mantra for life!!

Yes, F.M.H.  it works for me!!

Oh ya'll probably want to know what I am talking about right?

You do?

Oh ok...well...

F.M.H. - forget my head {if it wasn't attached!} but the if it wasn't attached is just implied tehehe

Yeah that is right!!  

I am that person that would lose her head if it was not attached to her body!!

We are talking I forget what I am doing 30 seconds into doing it and walk out of the room forget what i needed and walk back in to remember and have checklists and notes and alerts everywhere and calendars etc.  

Oh and I am rambly and a procrastinator lol

So why might you ask am I sharing this with you?

Well here are a few snippets of my life... 


1. There was the time I drove around from October 5th til October 31st cause I didn't realize your registration is dated!! Yeah I FMHed that time and put the PRO in procrastination!!

2.  Friday I was going to meet my old boss {turned friend} Trish for lunch up the hill and got there and was all set to buy my BFF RhiBi some pizza and enjoy lunch with Trish and realized... I had left my debit card back down the hill {a 15 minute shuttle trip each way!!}  Yeah FMH!

3.  There was Monday when I was so proud cause I got up early was at work EARLY and all set to go, I even got dressed and we aren't talking pants, flats, a t-shirt and cardigan I mean I went all out and even picked out jewelry and then realized I left my badge with my key attached to it at home in my coat... yeah my day consisted of "umm supervisor could you let me in?"

It was bad!! 

So yeah what do ya'll think? 

Does it fit me?

I think it does lol

Oh look something bright and shiny off to the side! 

Yeah no wonder I forget things!!


I will be back later I am sure with some more FMH moments for ya'll!!

Meesh :)

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C.LEE said…
Oooh I can SO relate to this one! Wait until you are pregnant (or maybe you have kids already) and you get "pregnancy brain". You will forget much more then! xoxo
Thanks for sharing! :)
Meesh said…
Oh lord it gets worse?! :) no kids yet I can't imagine it getting any worse though lol that just scares me!! I really will lose my head!! haha
-Meesh :)

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