Exercise Recap Week 3 {we are hitting the zone of this sux!}

Well week 3 has come and gone...

What do I have to show for it?

Well yeah about that lol

I have yet to start those oh soo simple exercise plans from pinterest that I promised myself I would do from day one right?

Yeah haven't done!

Then I went home Friday night til today and needless to say {yet I am going to say it anyways} I ate food and good food at that

Then I came home today and I did my weekly weigh in and wanted to cry a little...

I managed to gain 2 pounds!!

So not surprising right?  I ate badly this weekend, haven't started exercising yet but I cut out soda and juice and have avoided fried food and fast food etc.

So yeah we hit the "THIS SUX ZONE!"

Oh and to make matters better I tried on bridesmaid dresses for my friend Cait's wedding come August and here are the results: 
Cait's friend Sarah on the L and me in the middle and R.

And it was not pretty! So I have to make a choice, either lose some weight or deal with being the girl who is "flattered" in long loose fitting dresses!! 

So not what I want lol

Let's hope I have something better to report next weekend lol 

Thanks for listening to me and making me be honest with you and myself!!

Meesh :)


Kate said…
I downloaded the Loseit app on my phone and it is a calorie counter...the best part about it is that you can scan the barcodes of the foods you are eating...which makes it super fun! You can also earn back calories by EXERCISING! It has really worked for me, i'm almost down 10lbs...worth a try! Plus, we need to go dream dress shopping for shanny's wedding!
Meesh said…
Thanks Zuzu!! I will try to download that app now lol maybe it will help!! Yes I can't wait to feel confident enough to go dress shopping for Shanny's wedding!! :)
-Meesh :)
Lynni said…
We can always be exercise buddies too...we can bundle up and take walks....we looked awesome a fee years back when we were doing that and the weather isnt an excuse!!! we can have wii dance parties too...no reason not to have fun while we exercise. You can do it wifey! <3
Meesh said…
Thanks Wifey!! We should start walking again, it did do something last time huh? And it was fun!! :) Dance parties are entertaining tehehe and makes us sweat!!
-Meesh :)

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